Computer has trouble turning on, and staying on

So i've had this computer i biult that has been stable for some time, but even at stock settings, the power button doesn't turn on the machine unless i repeatedly turn on and off the switch on the power supply, and keep trying until it works. Nothing turns on for the first few minutes of attempting to turn it on, no lights, nothing.
Then, after this is done, it allways does eventually turn on after a few minutes. Then the problem i have is that the computer doesn't go into the bios when it boots, the fans spin, the lights are on, but nothing is displayed.
Then eventually after repeatedly turning it on and off, it will boot into the bios, and i then have trouble getting into the OS, because it freezes as windows loads up. I really don't know what to do to fix this. I know the power supply, cpu, mem, and drives are all good. I think the motherboard could be the problem, because i switched it out a few months ago, and thats when these problems started. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Try updating the BIOS and drivers for a start. You could reseat the RAM, as well. Make sure all of you electrical connections are good.
  2. i would guess you have a power supply issue. how did you test it and know that it is good? only other cause i would think of immediately is a viceo card issue(if its damaged it could be drawing more power then it should causing powersupply to shutdown for safety.
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