RAM Compatibility Help Needed!

Will this ram: be compatible with this motherboard: in a 4*4 configuration? Thanks!
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    I can't see a problem.
  2. Short answer, Yes.

    However the ram you selected is relatively slow at 1333. The ASRock FM2 board you chose can support over 2000+ DDR3. Look at GSkill 1866 DDR3 and see if you can't find something faster and less expensive.

    APUs need lots of fast ram to support the graphics side of the processor.
  3. As mentioned above by Groundrat, they'll run, but doubt if you'll be happy, not only do APUs want and use lots of fast DRAM, you further hamper performance by going to a 4x4GB config, it's more stress on the MC (memory controller) an dwill be slower, a 2x8GB set of prob minimum of 1866/8 or 9 would be best for starters
  4. Both of the above^^
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