World of Warcraft stat sreen says i need to updte my copmuters intel's graphics but i have bught a windos8 laptop

My sister use to play a lot (she introduced me to wow) wen she moved away she took her game with her (lost my Level 45 knight elf hunter) now she's back 14 years later. Gives me the game disks to lode on my newly bought windows 8 computer.

Only problem is it wont play. spent 3 hole days trying to lode it in my laptop. I don't have Internet at home so I use public places to get free Wi-Fi. (I rely love this game) I know a lot has changed since I last played 14 years ago.

Haw to update game when wow says its not up to date if my PC is New ..[says it may lag, performance my not be the full experience it could be] don't want game to lag,(I hate lag)

Pleas answer/respond am very desperate to start playing agene. THANKS For listening ill be waiting for suggestions.
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    What's saying is that your WoW game is not updated to the latest patch, I think you now need to use " 2.0" software in order to update your game, a simple google search should get you to the download page so you can update your game with it.
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