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Hi, I have had this problem for about a month and a half now. My PC restarts randomly when im playing games. At first, I was like "hey, no big deal restart". Then i run the game again and it crashes my computer again. I am playing League of Legends so its pretty frustrating especially in a ranked game.

Possible problems from my research were bad RAM, bad PSU or motherboard.

So i ran a mem test and it was clear of errors. Problems persisted, so then I bought a new PSU 550W Antec I believe, great /brand quality according to reviews.

It seemingly fixed the problem temporarily, but it happened again. A restart last week 1 time and today about 5 times in under 10 min of me trying to get back into my game frantically.

No idea how to fix this anymore and Im hoping that I don't have to buy a new motherboard or PC if it at all possible.

ASUS CM6730 is the model
16 ram / Nvidea GT 640 / i5 (i believe)
550W PSU

Need Help! so frustrating to figure out
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  1. I had a problem like this because my graphics card cooler wasn't working properly and would overheat. I'd check what the temperatures look like.
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    Probably thermal protection, system shutdown when a component gets too hot.

    Watch temperatures while running CPU and then GPU stress tests.

    Prime 95 / MSI Kombustor should be ok.
  3. How would I check the temperature of my CPU, that way I can monitor/measure whether it is a consistent problem
  4. There are many programs, Core Temp for one.
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