R9 270x or Gtx 770

Hey I'm looking to upgrade my GPU from an Amd Radeon HD 7870 to either a MSI R9 270x 4gb gaming edition or Gtx 770. I specifically want it to run Bf4 on ultra with some anti aliasing. Which card is better for that. The 770 is around $340 while the 270x is around $330.
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    GTX 770. A 2GB 270x is fine though.
  2. Two different performance levels with the GTX770 much more powerful!
  3. Definitely GTX 770. Its performance is much better than R9 270x. It will enable you to run your desired games in ultra settings.
  4. You've chosen two very different cards here.
    Just because they end with '70' does not mean they are much a like. AMD R9 270x is the equivilant of an overpriced GTX 750 now. If you want performance with gaming you would definitely go for the nVidia GTX 770.
  5. In addition to my previous reply, pl keep in mind that 2GB is sufficient. Go for 4GB only when your are going to play at very high resolution above 1920x1080 and using multiple displays.
  6. The r9 270x is a rebadged 7870, so that wouldn't be an upgrade at all
  7. Thanks. I guess the 770 is the unanimous winner.
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