Computer isn't getting signal after replacing old graphics card with the same one

It was working fine up until a month ago when the screen froze and upon restarting it me receiving no signal. I've picked up a new card after someone telling me that was the problem I know the cards getting power because the fans on it turn on but me not being a computer pro am now stumped with what else it could be
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  1. Please list all of you computer parts when you get a moment. ty
  2. Motherboard: digital home psw deluxe

    Graphic card: GeForce FTC 650 ti

    Powersupply: Zion 600watt

    Processor: Quad core 2

    4GB Pc2 9200 ddr2 ram

    If you need more info ill try and figure it out..
  3. My first reaction was to make sure your system has an adequate power supply which it appears to have. There were recent issues with the current driver update for nvidia. It may be coincidence but there are a lot of people having issues. I've recommended to some to try reverting to this driver:
    This is what I am currently using and I have no issues. It has helped some and not others so I'm not guaranteeing it will work but it's simple to do. Just uninstall your current driver and install this one. Hope this helps! Please keep me posted!
    Try going into safe mode when doing this as I know you are having issues. Please google how to do that as I have to run to work. I will check on this later this evening. Good luck!


    Justin S.
  4. How am I able to uninstall the driver when I can't get anything to show up on the screen?
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