Changing motherboards. Will windows still work?

So I'm switching out my MSI A75 G55 for a biostar TA 75+ because it died from failed flashing...

And now I'm wondering, will windows still operate? Or do I have to buy a new copy of windows? I'm only changing the motherboard, nothing else. If so, should I attempt to send back my old motherboard for repair and successful flashing? Because I currently have a gtx 760 waiting to be installed, but I think I need my bios on my old motherboard to be updated for it to work (When installed into my computer, it won't load windows, just stuck on black screen)

And will I need all info like the id for it? Because I'm sure I don't have it no more :( I just want it fixed
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  1. you MIGHT be able to boot into Safe Mode in windows and install all new drivers


    you SHOULD re-install windows fresh to have no issues - and you will have to buy another copy of windows to install, it's tied to the motherboard not any other hardware
  2. I can't ask Microsoft for help like explain to them what happened? So what do you suggest? Returning my old board, or buying new board AND windows? And if I return it to them and they flash it, will it be compatible to run a gtx 760? When I try installing, it just won't work. This is the only reason why I'm in all this predicament
  3. Wait up!! Was the old machine a company made one, like a branded one or did you or someone else make it from scratch? If, that is the case, then you don't need to buy a new windows disc for it.
    OEMs are usually tied to hardware, not, legit copies.
  4. Okay, I just found it gtx 760 is compatible with my motherboard

    I think. Because I don't see it on
    So if they do flash it and my gpu still don't work, what's the problem exactly? Just not compatible at all?
  5. @Alyoshka A company made it. It was a desktop bought, not built. So, I didn't install windows on it, the company that made my computer already had it installed. So does this mean installing a new motherboard will be ok? Because, trust me, I've been through hell these past two weeks with my OCD killing me
  6. For Win 7, if you install a new mobo Windows will think your copy is not genuine and ask for reactivation.

    I went from Z68 to Z77 without reformatting, after uninstalling old and installing new drivers everything worked perfectly. I think it depends on what you're going from/to.
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    OK, a Company made it for you..... do you have the Activation Key stuck somewhere on the rig?
    If you have that then changing to anything shouldn't be a problem.
    If you don't then you need to change whatever you change in the hardware, start the rig up in safe mode, uninstall old drivers that were installed for the earlier mobo, reboot into safe mode, check and double check. Reboot into normal mode after knowing you don't have any earlier drivers installed.
    Then let the OS detect the new hardware and install the drivers when and if asked for by the OS.
    You should be good to go.
  8. Ok, so what you're trying to say is buying a new motherboard is no problem even if I can't find the activation key right? (where is it even located). And when booting into safe mode, I have to install the new motherboard correct? Because my old one won't start up. And if I were to install the new motherboard, it will let me go into safe mode?
    I have to make sure I don't need to reactivate windows again because I'm not going to waste $200 just to make my PC work again
  9. The Activation Key is on the proof of purchase , a kinda sticker..... usually stuck to the case....


    You said it was made by a company , if they preinstalled the windows OS on it, they have to give you this sort of a Key somewhere....

    Install (Connect) the new mobo and then run the rig in safe mode
    Yes, if the old mobo was blown and has been diagnosed as the main problem, a new mobo, is bound to allow you to boot into safe mode...

    Reactivation.... hmmm..... If the safe mode cycle runs smooth and normal you'll not need to reactivate the windows.... it'll already be active as before.
  10. Are you sure about this? Because I think I'll be ordering a new motherboard. Thanks for your help, I'll update back after I make a move :)
  11. Update: So I found the product key for windows 7 on my case. So if I were to get a new board, everything should be alright? Microsoft will understand right? Won't they disable the product key installed on the old one and give me the same one resetted or give me a new one?
  12. "Microsoft Will Understand"....... made me smile.... do they ever?
    If they did start understanding....... they wouldn't be so big......
    But, give it a try, it ought to work.
  13. alyoshka said:
    "Microsoft Will Understand"....... made me smile.... do they ever?
    If they did start understanding....... they wouldn't be so big......
    But, give it a try, it ought to work.

    I just had this same issue; Original board died and I just replaced it. Windows wanted re activation but it would not accept the product key (as the key is tied to the board). I followed the activation prompts for phone activation.

    When you call the number for your country, there will be an automated menu selection; Don't press anything and just wait on the line (the menu questions will loop about 3 times before you are transferred - don't press anything until you hear an automated question to press 1 for an operator).

    Explain to the operator that you have changed your motherboard and now windows needs to be reactivated but won't accept your product key.

    They will walk you through the process (you have to provide the product ID numbers from the phone activation prompt that will pop up; They will then give you the re activation codes).

    It really is that simple, I was pleasantly surprised about how easy the process was.

  14. So there isn't a fee you have to pay?
  15. AuroraHD said:
    So there isn't a fee you have to pay?

    With the reactivation you can call Microsoft toll free (costs nothing) and you don't need to speak to anyone, the whole thing is automated for a reason, so you don't need to hang around for ages waiting for someone to answer.

    Re-activating is simple these days. Install your new motherboard, boot up windows then do the following:

    Activate using the telephone

    If Windows isn't able to activate online, you'll have the option to activate Windows 7 using an automated phone system.

    1. Open Windows Activation by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, right-clicking Computer, clicking Properties, and then clicking Activate Windows now.‌

    2. Click Show me other ways to activate.

    3. Type your Windows 7 product key, and then click Next.

    4. Click Use the automated phone system. Administrator permission required If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    5. Click the location nearest you from the drop-down list, and then click Next.

    6. Call one of the available phone numbers listed. An automated system will guide you through the activation process.

    7. When prompted, enter the installation ID that's listed on your screen into your phone's keypad.

    8. Write down the confirmation ID that the phone system gives you.

    9. Type the confirmation ID into the space provided under Step 3 in the activation dialog, click Next, and then follow the instructions.

    If activation isn't successful, stay on the line to be transferred to a customer service representative who can assist you.

    I've done this whole thing 3 times in the last 3 months after rapidly upgrading through 2 different motherboards and having a third one die on me. The system is as easy as it gets and is as idiot proof as anything Microsoft are capable of producing.
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