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I have a Sony vaio model pcg-7n2l that a friend gave me I upgraded it fro XP to windows 7 but the time continues to reset every time I turn the laptop off. I have set parental controls so my kids can not access it after a certain time of day but because the time resets they are unable to use the laptop. I have looked on the net and most recommendations were that the CMOS battery needed to be replaced. thought it would be easy because all my other Laptops are HP and the CMOS battery is easy to access but on this Sony vaio model pcg-7n2l I can not find the CMOS battery I have taken the bottom off and I have even removed the Keyboard looking for this elusive battery. Any Help would be greatly appreciated
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    Thank you for the link but I have already gone to that web site it is what lead me to remove the keyboard, the problem is there is no metal panel under the keyboard only a slot for the WIFI card, the rest of the space is covered by plastic, as I stated before I have removed the bottom of the laptop and the keyboard I have even removed the Lid with the LCD screen so basically I am now down to the Motherboard attached to its plastic housing and I still cannot find the CMOS battery. from what the net shows the battery is incased in plastic coating with two wires sticking out that are attached to the mother board. unlike my HP laptops which have a round CMOS battery similar to a watch battery only larger.
  3. that what it could see also searching on some sony model the battery in in that plastic case .
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