Hard drive failure when swapping GPUs?

Well, a few months ago I built my first computer. Instead of purchasing a new hard drive I used my hard drive from my old PC that was running windows 8. I had an evga nvidia 650ti already inside, but when I swapped to a gigabyte 760 the system booted and shut down and now has been 'attempting repairs'

inside I have:
Motherboard: Asus p8z77 WS
Processor: Intel i7-3770k 3.5 ghz
I don't think my case, ram or psu really matter. 

Everything worked until I swapped and I even tried putting my old gpu and tried onboard graphics and now the error is just repetitive. Any one have an idea what I could do?

Here's a photo of the error
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  1. I presume you re-installed Windows when you built the new computer?
  2. No I didn't. I thought I wouldn't have too and everything worked perfectly until I swapped gpus
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    You will need to re-install Windows. Windows installs itself with reference to the hardware it finds itself on. You can't just take a system drive from an old machine and put it in a new one and expect everything to work, though it may seem to for a while. I did this once many years ago (with Win XP) and everything worked until I came to installing Windows Updates (for example)
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