laptop strange problem(MOBO, CMOS battery)


So my laptop acer aspire 8930G windows 8(before was vista) works but problem is, if i shut it down and unplug ac connetor and then reconnect and power on again. System tries to boot but no screen(even with external screen). After shutting down, i have to wait about 1 hour without battery and ac connector to get it work again. Also holding down power buttom 1 minute wont work(without ac and battery).

I have tried to boot with new memorys(even without memory). Without external graphich card. And without hard drive. Still no screen. Even to bios.

It maybe have dead cmos battery. But can cmos battery causes this ?
Can this be death motherboard or cpu ?

Sorry about my english and thanke for future instructions.
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  1. dieing cmos will not cause the screen not turn on..

    try checking all the cable inside the laptop (i assume u already open up the laptop, if not it might void the warranty if u open the laptop try check first)
  2. Already checked cables. They seems okay.
    Even dissambled screen also to check there.
    But that seems strange after staying without power about 1 hour and all works. And if i shut down laptop, remove ac connector and reconnect ac. All stop working.
  3. All i can think of is by remove battery and power after 1 hours... any power left in the laptops is drained out..

    there maybe some power leaking from bad capacitor, but this only assumption...

    anyways have u tried pull out the laptop cmos battery and try turn it on without one ?

    i had old asus laptop that still can run even without the cmos batteries..
  4. Sry forgot to post. No need help anymore and didn't get fixed also.
    Also tnx for replay.
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