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I'm parting out a new PC right now but am a little torn on a good CPU/GPU setup to get. I plan on using this PC for editing (Avid), effects/rendering (After Effects), and gaming. Here are the combos I've narrowed it down to:

1. i7-4930K / nVidia GTX 780 Ti
2. i7-4770K / nVidia GTX Titan

I liked the 4930K because I've read that more cores is better for editing/rendering. Which combo is better? Are there better/more cost effective CPU's/GPU's I should be looking at instead? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hey

    The 1st choise, 6 cores 15 MB l3 cache that's the best
    780 ti has 2500 cuda cores just like titan
  2. Does anyone have any experience with the Titan card? Is it worth the huge price tag that comes with it? Sounds like the 780 Ti does just as well as the Titan
  3. 780 ti is better than the titan, titan just has more vram. 3gb of vram is plenty though, even at resolutions upwards of 1080, so a 780 ti is the better option (unless you play on 3x 4k monitors :p)
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    Titan is used for someone testing their games and how well they work, for game producers, it has functions close to the Quadro series ( wich is clear for 3D video editing )

    If you want gaming and video editing, both woud work very good, but Ti will be stronger in games and it will work great with video editing, 2800 cuda cores? That's a lot :)
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