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So after checking everysingle forum online i came to the conclusion that thee are only 3 options out there ... mobo needs rma gpu needs rma or psu needs rma ....i plug my gpu on mobo and its not detected my gpu is fine my psu seems fine ....the build is brand new

msi z871 ac gaming mobo 760 asus 8 gb hyper x beast ram 700 silverstone 80+ silver psu

so i would like a general opinion on which component seems to be the culprit before i rma the mobo

bare in mind ive tried everything from clear cmos to unpluggin ram sticks to testing gpu on other build and trying a 4870 on this rig and still no detection

would greatly appreciate a solution or atleast a definitive answer marking the problem here !!! thanks n advance
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  1. which graphics card it is?
  2. nashdes001 said:
    which graphics card it is?

    gtx 760 asus direct CU II
  3. 4870 also not get detected?
  4. nashdes001 said:
    4870 also not get detected?

  5. its a mobo issue then
  6. nashdes001 said:
    its a mobo issue then

    probably a faulty pci-e slot right ? are u confident that thats probably it ? cause ive checked a shitload of cases and nothing else seems to be the case . bare in mind im not trying to be disrespectfull just tryin to see everything clear before sending my mobo away and being left with no pc for 2-3 weeks :(
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    1. Ur psu seems to have adequate powersupply so no point in saying that it is not able to power the card
    2. Ur card is new and u tried another card in that slot and it is also not detectd so that means the problem is with pcie slot
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