My first PC build. Will this run modern games at medium settings?

Hello guys and girls.
I need some help building my first PC.
Can you Please tell me whether this PC Setup will be able to play modern games (BF 4, COD Ghosts, witcher 3, crysis 3) at mid-high resolutions for the next 2 years.

This is the configuration I selected:-

Ram - Corsair 4 GB @ 1600
Harddrive - WD 1TB
Graphics Card - AMD R7 260X 2GB GDDR5
Processor - Intel i3 3220
PSU - Corsair 650 Watt
Cabinet - Normal Antec Cabinet
Optical Drive - Normal LG Optical Drive
Monitor - AOC Full HD 22 inch 1920x1080
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA B75M D3H

I am on a real tight budget. Please tell me if t will run the modern games at medium settings for 2 years. Maybe I will add another 4gb of ram and a ssd later on.
Also do I need anything else to buy?? Or will this be enough?

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  1. It's a good starter build.

    I recommend you look at a haswell build though(i3 4130 with a H81 motherboard)
    you'll have better upgrade opportunity for the future in terms of CPU that way, ivy bridge is a dead socket and Haswell is the modern/current.

    Not to mention Haswell is a bit faster, what corsair 650W PSU is it?

    Can you post full budget and where you're from, that'll help us to help you.
  2. Thanks for the reply.
    I am from India and my budget is around 45000INR which is around 830 $.
    Yes I can go with the i3 4130 .Its only 1000 more.
  3. Best answer
    Okay, You'll need this - motherboard for the i3 4130.

    as for RAM, I'd look at getting this if you can: - 8GB is the ideal amount for gaming.

    If you have 8GB you'll be set for gaming and you can just upgrade your GPU/CPU when you feel like it in the next 2-3years.

    Also, Flipkart is the only indian website i know about for PC parts so if you're using another feel free to post.
  4. Ok I will go with that 8 GB ram.

    And this is the 650 W PSU I was talking about :-

    Flipkart and are the most popular E-com sites in India.

    Do you think this PC will run modern games at 40-50 fps at medium settings??
  5. Yes, perfect for medium 1080p in modern games.
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