Buying a 1440P Korean Monitor in the UK?

After reading around the internet a bit I have been considering buying a 1440P monitor, most likely on eBay considering they cost significantly than brands such as Dell and Asus. I was specifically looking at the QNIX QX2710, and I was wondering whether anyone had suggestions as to which seller I should use and how import tax works here in the UK?

A secondary question I have is would two 2GB 670's run games fine at this resolution?
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  1. Presler said:
    Not just good gpus, you'll need a haswell or better cpu too. And i've heard that korean monitors are ok to buy but at your own risk.

    I currently have a 3930K, which is pretty powerful but in terms of ages is considerably older than the latest Haswell CPU's. My main worry on the graphics side is the 2GB limitation of RAM.
  2. For gaming at 2560x1440 you may run into issues with only 2gb of VRAM.

    I've given a quite detailed answer before on Korean monitors you may be interested in reading:

  3. Go with accessorieswhole, used them twice, had no issues. Message them before and after buying asking them to mark it as $175, you'll duck under higher import duty fees by doing so. Costs about 35 quid to import.
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