What is happening to the world?

I go to cyberpowerpc.com to look at their prices and I notice something on the left.

"A+ rating with the BBB!"
I was like
lolno since when

..its true. Literally 2 months ago they had a C-, and every review I read about them was that they built crappy computers that didn't work. Also that their customer service was just one person that didn't solve any problems, and said "Your problem, not mine."

I don't even understand, am I missing something? Did they like turn themselves around?
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  1. I don't like know.
  2. Due to bitcoins running Online stores to the ground, it's another way of foreseeing unstable fluctuations in the current Economy. If you also realized, you can't even buy high end GPU cards because they're all being bought and squandered away to jack the prices up even more.. it's all in the hands with those who have money = power~ =(
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