boot problems + unexplained high RAM usage

specs are, i5 4670K (not OC)

SilverStone Strider Plus 600W

MSI Z87-G45 Gaming

8GB of Corsair Vengeance ram

GTX 780Ti

Samsung 840 EVO 250GB SSD

Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD

LG 12x BD-R Blu-Ray DVD combo drive

while running windows 8.1 64 bit

RAM issue

for some reason im getting high RAM usage without seeing what is actually using it through task manager but i do see a lot of the RAM is in the Non-paged pool under performance in task manager, only way ive seen to be able to fix it is through a reboot, ive ran a spybot S&D scan (only a few cookies) and ran a thorough scan with Norton 360 and that came up clean as well, ive looked over the net and couldnt find any actual help so decided to come here where the community is helpful and always willing to help someone out.

Boot issue

sometimes when i boot up the PC or restart it i get a recovery screen and my keyboard and mouse are disabled so i cant push any buttons, ive taken out my ram put them into different slots (2 and 4 to 1 and 3 and back again) and still the errors occurs, ive also ran memtest on the RAM and that did not pick up any errors with it, so far ive found that the best and fastest way to be able to boot back into windows with everything working is disconnecting the SATA cable on the SSD (has the OS) then turning the PC on without it then powering it off and reconnecting it and then it boots and everything is find again.

any help with these issues will be greatly appreciated, this is my first ever PC build so kinda hoping i didnt break anything with building it, am considering rewiring it all incase something is pinched or something is in the wrong port but advice before that will be great, if all else fails then im gonna have to take it to the local PC shop and see what they can do with it which im trying to avoid to save some money.

thanks for taking the time to read this, any help or advice will be good.
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  1. For the RAM issue, did you check which process is using so much? For me, it's either one of the SVChosts or some font thing. Once you get that, just google the process (or write it down here), and it's fixed!
    As for the random boot issues, I've had them too on W8.1. Never did on W7, but I decided to upgrade and BAM, issues everywhere.

    Also, how in the world do you push a 780Ti with a 600W PSU? :O
  2. ive checked task manager, resource monitor and process explorer but cant figure out what is doing it, really tempted to buy windows 7 and see if the issues disappear and honestly, this is my first build and was told that it will work and on pcpartpicker said it will work also.
  3. The hardware is not a problem, that's for sure.
    Try changing the theme to Windows Classic for a few minutes, then check the process explorer again (might be the theme that's doing it).

    I should probably have asked this sooner, but what do you mean by "high ram usage"? How much of it is used, to word it another way.
    For me, the value seems stable at ~1.5-2GB, though it, of course, goes up when gaming etc.
  4. high as in 90%+ of the 8GB, all taken up in the non-paged pool
  5. Well that's really way over the top. xD
    Did you try safe boot? WinKey+R, msconfig, the Boot tab, tick "Safe boot" and Minimal. Restart the PC, see if the issue persists. If yes, try reinstalling Windows. If not, it's one of your programs.
  6. it doesnt happen all time, it slowly build up, at first i thought it was chrome but then i downloaded firefox and it still no idea what to do
  7. So ... it happens in Safe boot too...?
  8. havent tried that yet, currently seeing if its from watching videos online
  9. could it be possible that watching videos online could be the cause of this? cause oddly enough the "Non-paged pool" is slowly increasing.....
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