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I have been using a MS Wireless Laser 7000 & Mouse Combo for a very long time. So long I have purchased 2 others after the key board goes bad. My thought was, get rid of one and just turn the other replacement on. That worked fine for a few years, but I have worn out the keys again and there are no replacements to be got. Tooo mush online gaming with the keyboard. So in the groups opinion, what is the newer model replacement for this unit? Or even another brand. I realize it's all in preference.....but willing to look at all. ;)
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  1. Well, keyboards and mice are so subjective, any recommendation given you may absolutely hate in practice. Wireless in my opinion is inferior for gaming. That said, this is what I use:

    At the office, I use a MX550 keyboard/mouse combo. it has a few window function keys that I find usefull switching between spreadsheets on multiple monitors, and by and large it's comfortable.

    At home where I do my gaming, I have a more expensive setup - but it's far superior for gaming (I have used quite a few through the years). I have a Filco Majestictouch with MX Cherry Browns, and a Logitech G500. The Mechanical keyboards advertise to be good for over 1 million keystrokes, so you will have a hard time wearing one out. The G500 is perfect for me - just the right amount of buttons, and unlockable scroll wheel and adjustible sensitivity on the fly. I am a long time fan of Logitech mice - they are far superior to the MS ones I have tried.
  2. Thank you for the post.....BUT I did forget to mention one thing after your post sank into my brain. I use an HDMI KVM setup between two CPU's and one monitor, keyboard and mouse. So a wired unit is out. I do not do much in on line, just what I do ...do is the same keys (arrow keys) 98% of the time.
  3. And for what it's worth, I think the Razer products are over rated. Logitech mice are reasonably priced, comfortable and functional, not to mention always on the cutting edge of technology (for instance, the new G500s does 8200DPI which is probably way overkill).

    If you are considering a mechanical keyboard, it would be best to go to a computer store and try them out. The different color switches completely feel and sound different. The black switches for instance do not have an actuation point, and I wasted 100$ to find out black switches are not for me - I couldn't tell if I pressed the button down or not. It may be hard to justify 150$ price point for a mechanical keyboard, but you can factor in that it should outlast 4-5+ keyboards pretty easy if you take care of it, and the hardware interrupt created by the mechanical part of it ensures your keystrokes don't fail within games, it might be a worthy investment for a superior product you can use for the next couple computer builds.
  4. Got it. Well, if I was going for a wireless setup I would go logitech. They have a handful of different options. Their units are compatible and their software is pretty good - so you can mix and match a keyboard and mouse combo and they will integrate to the same USB dongle via software.

    You could consider the G700 if you want a higher-end gaming mouse, or just buy a combo package similar to the MX550 I mentioned above.
  5. Logitech was the direction I was leaning towards. Thanks for the input and I will look into them.
  6. Still looking. Found the Filco Majestictouch not to my liking. Have come across a few others but the one I would like is no doubt out of stock.

    Corsair Vengeance K70
    Razer BlackWidow Ultimate
    Monoprice Mechanical
    Cool Master Ultimate -- out of stock

    And like I said.......still looking
  7. The build quality of the Filco is impeccable. The most important component is what type of keys it had, either blues, browns, blacks, reds?? The feel is entirely different between the key types, but one mechanical board will be near identical to the next of the same key "types" with only a few aesthetic changes. The thing I liked about the Filco is the anodized aluminum housing is very well finished, and the keys don't "wiggle" at all.

    I wouldn't throw out Filco - you just need to determine what "color" mechanical keys you like.
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