stuck on "preparing automatic repair"

All right folks. I bought a new computer from newegg, and it refuses to boot.

It has booted twice now, by some arcane magic, and when its turned on, it runs perfectly.

when i power on it gets stuck on a screen displaying the windows emblem and "preparing automatic repair".

I have tried to boot from the repair disk or to open bios, and I can't. I have heard win 8 computers can sometimes have a very very small window in which to button mash to get into bios and I've been trying desperately to get into any sort of boot options, nothing happens.

the two times it booted were both when i had powered off and then left it disconnected from the power strip for several hours. I have tried to reproduce this, making sure to disconnect power and hold down the power button a few times to drain the last of the power, no change.

I can't even begin to fix corrupt start up files or what have you until i can get the bastard to boot. Any ideas?
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  1. I predict 2 things wrong but in this order.

    Firstly, and most importantly, your PSU may be a cheap and unreliable that is causing erratic startups. Please check the Wattage and manufacturer and always invest in a good quality PSU.
    Secondly, if that's all fine and dandy, I would have to say your HDD may be not formatted correctly but PSU problems can give errors that mimic HDD/SDD problems. That is all I can think of that is relevant to your inquiry, Good luck!
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