My computer that runs Windows 7 wont boot up.

My computer that runs Windows 7 wont boot up. It states that there is a software or hardware problem and I need to use the Windows disc to repair windows. When I go to boot from the disc, the computer wont boot. I just sits black screen after the Windows screen flashes. Note: the windows screen seems to take a lot longer to go away. I built the computer and am trying to fix it myself but this has me stuck. Please help.

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  1. It sounds like your computer isn't booting from the cd/dvd.
    Go into your bios and change the boot priority so it will try the cd/dvd drive first.
    Then you can maybe use the windows disc to repair windows.
  2. Make sure the First Boot Device is set to CD/DVD in BIOS.

    Are you sure the media is bootable not damaged ? Or your CD/DVD drive is working properly ?
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    Can you describe what was the last time change in hardware/software after which this problem started to appear? Try to boot from the Windows Installed CD/DVD by changing the boot sequence in your mobo BIOS settings and make your optical drive (DVD reader/writer etc) the first option to boot from.

    Try to repair the windows using repair tool. If it does not work, you'll have to restore from Backup or redo the windows installation.

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