Need Windows 7 64-bit Drivers for Clean Install - Cannot Find Them

Just bought a new Toshiba Satellite, did a clean install of Windows 7, no problems there.
Here's my question: if Toshiba doesn't offer drivers for this computer running Windows 7 64-bit
is there another place to find them (other than the Toshiba website, haven't found any thus far), can I finesse the Windows 8 64-bit drivers to work, or am I stuck with Windows 8?

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    You can open up Device Manager and then do google searchs for drivers based on the model numbers.... (assuming device manager can read the model numbers)
    Start > Right click on Computer > Manage > Device Manager
  2. Dear,

    I've checked at Toshiba's support on website, they're offering drivers for windows 7 x64. No issue. Good luck.
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