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Hi guys ,
Here is my question .
i got a gtx 480 but my power supply is a old 450-500W power supply so i ordered a new one.
the new one is as followed -> corsair builder series cx 750 watt atx eu (80+ bronze)
i heard gtx need +-600w+ OC and recommended amps = 42amps now my question is if this power supply can handle the graphic card i dont know how much amps it got on the 12v rail i heard 62amps but im not sure i would appreciate it if someone could help me out with this :p , anyway thx for checking up on me .
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    This power supply can handle that graphics card and much more. This PSU has an outstanding 62A on it's 12V rail so you're really good from there.
  2. thx alot i hope you're right :-) can't wait to get the psu now ^^
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