Does the intel cpu have international warranty?

So my friend is gonna order a i7-4770k from microcenter in Boston..
He is going to ship me to india

If there is any problem in the intel processor will it be under warranty in india ?
Or will i have to ship it back to Boston for replacement?>
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  1. The way that RMA's typically work is that your retailer acts as the intermediary between you can the manufacturer. You could probably claim warranty on the chip directly to Intel, but I imagine it would be a pain to actually get it replaced.
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    Depends, cpu's sold in complete systems (OEM) are the responsibility of the seller. CPU's bought retail are the responsibility of Intel, although sellers also take responsibility and if faulty, replace and then then forward them to Intel to get a credit/replacement.
  3. Retail boxed Intel CPU come with a heat sink fan and are well packaged
    Oem Intel CPU are at more risk of damage when being picked from a tray and packed and warrantee is from retailer not Intel


    Mike Barnes
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