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How do I remove a managed extension on Google chrome?

Last response: in Windows 8
February 20, 2014 10:04:42 AM

Hello, I have searched for a solution to my problem however all the solutions seem to be outdated. All of the solutions are telling me to go into the registry editor and search for the ID. When I do this nothing comes up and the folder people are telling me to go into does not exist... Does anybody have an updated solution to deleting this malware? Thank you.

Some solutions I have tried: Uninstalling and Reinstalling, Uninstalling the program via the control panel
February 20, 2014 5:08:42 PM

Try going to settings, extensions then untick enabled and click the garbage icon beside the extension you want to remove. Its never a good idea to change your registry as you can edit something in the wrong way and cause severe issues in windows. All of your extensions sync to you Google account so registry edits, removing, and re installing wont work because the second you log in to your Google they will return. I would also recommend installing malewarebytes (free version is fine) and run a short scan and a full scan to search for and remove any infections. The website for malewarebytes is Finally you may already know this but Ill say anyways. It is never a good idea to install 3rd party extensions. That being said extensions and toolbars while convenient also slow your web browser down and can contain maleware and other crap. Hope this helps,