i7-4500u help with elgato capture card

I'm looking to purchase a new laptop to capture footage from my Elgato capture hd. The card requires a dual core cpu of 2.0 ghz.

The laptop I'm looking at is a Asus V551LB-SH71T. It has an I7-4500I dual core processor that runs at 1.8 ghz. But the device manager shows 4 cores running at 1.8 ghz (i think that's the threads?) Will that be enough? I don't know hardly anything about processors so correct me if I'm wrong.

I also want to use this for video editing on the go with premiere pro, could this computer handle it?
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  1. That Cpu will handle it no problem, to be honest you could even drop it down to an i5 and still have plenty of headroom. That "2 cores at 2.0ghz" is basically there to tell people still hanging on to pentiums and celrons to stay away. However for video editing that i7 would help with render times compared to an i5 but only expect gains of a couple seconds at most.

    It shows 4 cores in device manager because all intel "i" series laptop processors have something called hyperthreading which doubles the number of cores that windows can see, sometimes leading to higher performance.
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