Motherboard + Heat Issue

I'm not sure what is going on here. I been using speedfan to monitor my temps. I thought I had a heating issue with my CPU so I added a few fans, and relocated my power supply. But that seemed to change nothing. So I downloaded a more detailed temp program: HWmonitor.

It appears my CPU is actually where I want it to be and another sensor on my motherboard is the problem. Could this by my VRM?

I get up to 61 degrees F when rendering video via Sony Vegas.

CPU: AMD FX 8320
RAM: DDR3 1866 (A-Data)
Video: AMD 6870
Motherboard: MSi 970a-G43 LINK
HD: SSD 120GB G.Skill Pheonix

and here is my readings:

not sure what is going on here, one says its my CPU the other says it isnt, and bios says it is...
any thoughts?
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  1. Can't see the images, but monitoring applications are often times wrong due to incompatibility with certain boards. BIOS is always correct.
  2. Can you see the pics now?
  3. Well ty guys anyway :) I'll try my luck over at the overclocker's forum
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    The board has a poor thermal design , and with the HOT FX CPU's , you need aftermarket cooling.

    It's not a good board for that chip.
  5. I have a 120mm Zalman with like 5lbs of copper, there is no getting better air cooling options and 1-2 degrees would be unacceptable. I guess I'll look into a new case and copper VRM heatsinks since my CPU appears to be icing over.

    And if that doesn't help I'll find a motherboard with better thermal design.

  6. The new board would be your best option the FX chips need the better thermal designs.
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