Help Me create a System image of JUST windows and drivers for Hard-Disk migration, please.

Title says it all, using the windows Backup software I have no choice but to back up the entire Hard-Drive. Which is not what I want to do, as I intend to pick files I know I need/want and then wipe the old hard-drive. Hopefully ending up with a cleaner new drive.
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  1. You can't really. All the installed programs install files all over the harddrive, registry, etc. You can't say, only take the files out of Windows, Program Files, User Data, that come with windows but leave all the things I installed. Doesn't work that way, windows doesn't know. It's all or nothing.

    Usually if you want to make an image like that, you install windows, update drivers, update windows, make your image.
  2. Alright. My main problem is I've lost the windows disk - Is there a way to install windows alone, excluding all Thrid party drivers and files - JUST the OS?
  3. I have made a system repair disk, but I doubt this contains the entirety of windows.
  4. do you have your product key? if not, google windows 7 product key finder, get your product key, write it down, go to digital river, download the windows 7 iso (it's legal) and either burn the disc, or use the Microsoft DVD/USB tool (download this too) and make a bootable USB key with the image, install, use the product key extracted in the first step, good to go.

    You should also download your drivers too, or at least your network drivers. Been a few times I reinstalled my only PC at the time, and windows didn't find network drivers, which you need to get other drivers or do anything online with. lol. Pisser when you're calling a friend at 3am asking to come over and download some files. lol.
  5. Unfortunately no, I do not have the product key. Is there any way around this?
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    i told you. you can use a tool that you can find from google to get your key from the currently installed windows.
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