How do i hook my HT-CT60 sound bar to my PC audio?

There is probably a really simple answer to this question. I have my PC hooked up to my Tv which is a LG flat screen. I have my sound bar also plugged into my Tv. I can't seem to get the sound bar working when i have the Tv and PC joined up by my HDMI cable, yet when i join my Tv to my Xbox 360 using the HDMI cable, it works fine.

What should i do to enable my sound bar while using my PC through my computer?

Any help will be widely appreciated, thank you :) Jack
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  1. Somebody more knowledgeable help me out with this. Does having DRM protected content disable the audio output of a device (the TV) that can play DRM content? OP, what are you playing from your PC - a DVD, or just whatever is on your screen?

    HDCP allows unrestricted analog audio output. That soundbar's specs show both analog and digital input. If you are using digital from the TV to the soundbar, try analog instead. If it works, then the problem was HDCP.
  2. did you switch the default audio playback device to be HDMI instead of the speakers that it normally is set to.
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