Is my processor's temp normal?

Hey everyone!
Recently I bought a laptop for gaming,
I got the Lenovo Y510p with the 4th gen Intel i7 2.40 GHz processor,
when set to 100% it sits idle at 55C and when I try to play something like sims 3 it shoots up to 68-73C,
I don't have a whole lot of experience with intel processors so I have no idea if this is normal for intel products or if this laptop just has terrible ventilation.

I can get pretty normal temps around 40-50C if I reduce the maximum state of the processor to 60%
(Why would they let you clock it so high if its just gonna cook the computer??)

Any advice on how to avoid melting my laptop would be greatly appreciated, (I.e system settings, good cooling stations, Etc)
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  1. it is not too high for a mobile CPU
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