Corsair RM750 80 plus gold 750 WATTS, is it enough for two graphic cards?

Hey there peeps ;)

Just got a question about my CORSAIR RM750 80 PLUS GOLD power supply, i have one EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 Superclocked ACX 2GB GDDR5 graphic card, but thinking of buying another one and connecting with SLI. Just wondering will that power supply be good enough to run them both. Thanks guys. :)
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    It has the ability to, yes. A pair of 760s in SLI pulls a little over 500w when gaming, and the RM has the necessary amps as well. The problem to look for, which you probably would have seen by now, is a lot of the 750 and 850 from the RM series have been faulty. If yours isn't one of those, you will be fine to run a pair of 760s with that.
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