Needing opinions about this build and suggestions about other builds, too.

So, I'm looking for opinions about this build:

My budget is $1350, which is €1000.

I accept other builds too.
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    there's not much I can change, I would say get a Seagate Barracuda hard drive instead, it's about 9 euro cheaper and is pretty much the same thing, Seagate is reliable, I have had their drives for years and they're still working well
  2. Nevermind, it's only 9€ difference as you said.

    Are all the parts from the build compatible?
  3. yes everything is compatible, there's not much I can change without making major price adjustments (since the amazon espana selection is somewhat limited) so you've pretty much gathered as good of a list as you'll get
  4. nope, all looks good, the 3570k is a great chip, rated as the best all-around gaming chip before the advent of the 4670k, and a seasonic psu is as good as it gets. Should have 0 problems with compatibility with any of your choices.
  5. Wow, thanks! How good would a HD 7870 Ghz Edition play actual and latest games? And next-gen games? Also, the difference between 3570 and 3570K is only the overclock thing or there is more?
  6. 3570 and 3570k are basically the same except for the unlocked multiplier. I currently run a 3570k and have OC it from stock 3.4GHz, to 4.2GHz with nothing more than shifting the multiplier in Bios. Took 3 seconds.. and I can see the difference. If however you are not going to overclock, for whatever reason, save yourself some cash and go with a 3350P and a B75 or H77 mobo, the 3350P being best 'bang for buck' chip, and you won't need a Z rated, overclocking board for a locked chip.
    The 7870 will work ok, in the heavy games like BF4 now, but I wouldn't expect to see too much out of it there. look for medium to high @1080p and @30-40 fps
  7. actually, since BF4 is pretty well optimized for AMD graphics cards, a 7870 Ghz can run it on Ultra w/o MSAA at around 50 FPS or so
  8. +1 for lmaonade200, it does that good? wow, color me impressed and corrected.
  9. yep, looking at reviews (and somewhat personal experiences), the 7870 Ghz and the R9 270x which are similar enough can run the game on the level of a GTX 670, which I personally have in my own rig, I'm getting around 50-60 FPS on average with a tweaked Ultra, so there's that.
  10. OK, if I'd want an UPS (which is highly needed, right?), how much 'W' would the UPS need? Which brands would you recommend me?

  11. you mean a power supply unit (PSU)? yes you definitely need one, since it powers your computer,but it looks like you already have one in your build. the 550W gold from Seasonic.

    if you want to choose another one, then I would say that 550 or 600W from a reputable brand will do, choose between Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, and Antec, they all make good power supplies.
  12. No, I meant an UPS, so if there's a power outage I could have time to shutdown the computer.
  13. Any UPS that'll tote more than 500 watts for 10 minutes would be good, since that's about all you'll need time for to get out of what you are working on and power down.
  14. What would be the difference between a 600W UPS and a 700W UPS? The time it'll give me to shutdown?
  15. Nope. You have a 550w psu. And that includes a decent buffer zone. So your pc even under stress like a BF4 multiplayer game, wont use the psu's max output of 550 watts. So the difference in a 600 and 700watt ups is just the wattage they are required to supply. At most you'd need 600w, that's 500 for the pc, and 100 for the monitor. Having 700 would only be for additional peace of mind.

    Each ups has a time specified as to how long they will support the rated wattage, and that will all depend on amount, size and age of the batteries. My ups has a single 1500mA/hr battery, so I'm good for more than 30 minutes under regular usage or about 15 minutes under max usage, if my math is right.
  16. May I ask what's your UPS? Because I don't know good UPS brands, or could you tell me some?

    Could you also tell me if the Power Supply (PSU) gives watts to the monitor? Or what gives power to the monitor then?
  17. Monitor has 2 cords. 1 to plug into gpu, 1 to plug into the wall or ups.

    My ups is a minuteman pro 700 and I've had it for 12 years? Don't know if they even make them any more. I replace the battery every few years.
  18. ivy bridge CPU's (i5 and higher) allow you to overclock them a little bit, with or without the "K", it's called a limited locked multiplier, i had the 3350P and I kept it clocked at 3.7 from the 3.1 stock, with intel's cooler, and turbo step disabled, any i5 or i7 can do that

    they disabled it in the haswell architecture

    do you have to use the websites for your location? if the selection on Amazaon espana is limited, they really stop u from using the american one? they won't ship it anyway?
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