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Ive got my current pc with 1 hard drive running win7 and i took my old hard drive from my old pc, i was wondering if i can format the old drive and put a mac os on it and then swap between the 2 OS's as and when needed. I have no idea how a mac's os works so i dont know if it will work on just a regular pc like a windows OS would, any help would be appreciated.
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    Actually a mac os doesnt run on windows pc. However, there are some "Hackintosh" OS (mac os hacked for windows) are available in internet, but I dont think they will run flawlessly.
    If you wanna try 2 os in your pc, you can try win 8, 7, ubuntu, steam whatever you want. But an original mac os cant be run on windows pc afaik.
    note: windows os can be run on mac pc.
  2. ok thanks, forgot all about the steam os, i might look into that or just look around and see what i like best. Ive got win8 on my laptop i use for work and i dont like it so ill skip that one, thanks for the suggestions.
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