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change drive but keep installed programs

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February 20, 2014 3:02:43 PM

currently i have a 1tb seagate hard drive but i think it is going to fail so i bought a WD green 1 tb drive. i have windows installed on a ssd but many of my games are on the hdd. i would like to know if it is posseble to copy everything to the new drive, remove the old drive and then give the new drive the old name, so all the games would still work

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Best solution

February 20, 2014 5:00:59 PM

put uer new harddrive into uer pc then copy paste uer games to the new harddrive from the old one then remove the old one! name the old name and everything will work fine.
a c 464 G Storage
February 20, 2014 8:07:40 PM

If you want to be sure to copy everything, use a technique called cloning. That requires software. You can get it free! In your case, since the clone copy will be made TO a HDD by WD, go to the WD website and download their utility package Acronis True Image WD Edition, and install it on your old HDD you're running from. Install the new HDD in your machine on a spare SATA port, and boot up Windows. First, read the user manual file that comes with it, especially the chapter on cloning.

Run the Acronis software. Make SURE your DESTINATION disk is the new HDD - whatever is on the Destination unit will be wiped clean! Make sure the SOURCE unit is your old HDD. You will be shown some default suggested settings for the operation, but do NOT just approve them. Often the default proposes to make the Destination "disk" the same size as your old one, and I'll bet you want it bigger - as big as the whole new HDD, which will be something like 930 GB. So use the menu system (that's why I said read the manual) to change that setting. The rest will be OK, probably, except MAYBE you will want to tell it that the new clone HDD is NOT bootable - you are booting from your SSD, right? When the settings are right, proceed. It will copy absolutely EVERYTHING from old to new.

IF there is a problem with errors on your old HDD that makes a sector unreadable, just tell it to proceed anyway and keep on copying. This can happen with some old drives that are having trouble. Most often the "error" is in a place that does not matter, and the resulting clone works just fine. In the unlikely event that you find later that some file has an error, you can try to replace it from another source.

When the clone copy is finished, shut down. Disconnect the old HDD and remove it from the machine. Take the data cable (the smaller one with 7 wires) from the new HDD and plug it into the same mobo port as the OLD HDD was on. Close up and reboot. You will find all your old stuff in the same place it was before (probably your D: drive?) and it will all run the way it did. The only difference should be that the drive now has more Free Space (assuming the new HDD is bigger than your old one).

Save the old HDD for a while, just in case you think you need to try to find something on it. When you are sure you don't, discard it - you don't want to try to re-use a HDD that is failing already.
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