PCIe2 SATA iii RAID Card Capacity

I'm trying to match the appropriate PCIe2 SATA III RAID card to pair of SSDs in RAID 0. I have two PCIe2 slots avail, 4x and 16x. Here's where I'm confused: If the max throughput with 8x is 4Gb/s and SATA III is 6Gb/s, why aren't the cards all 16x? The two-port ones all seem to be 2x. What am I missing? Thx!

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  1. Ugh. Confused bits and bytes. Sorry, I guess you actually have to press "post" before your brain will let you see the answer. ;-)
  2. For anyone interested, in the end I couldn't find a 2-port RAID PCIe2 controller with more than one lane. Apparently they were all designed without modern SSDs in mind. I ended up getting a 4-port, 4-lane card instead. Paid about double, $70 v. $35.
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