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Hi there I would like some help with choosing a new mobo. at the moment I have a Asus P7P55D PRO mobo and I am wanting to get a new one that's PCIE 3.0 not PCIE 2.0 which I have atm. however it has proven hard finding the right motherboard as I cannot find a board that will do what I want it to do. I want a motherboard that is PCIE 3.0 ATX size that will have AMD socket for the CPU but will support NVidia SLI and Radeon X-fire but I have not found one that has it. I would like the board to be no more than £150 as I am wanting to buy it second hand as I don't have to money to buy it all new. I would also like the board to be Asus or another brand that's as good. but remember the board has to have PCIE 3.0 has im upgrading the GPU at thr same time thanks please help me with it as I am wanting to buy one by the end of the week!
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    AM3+ does not support PCIe ver 3.0 so if you want it you either have to go lackluster CPU in an APU on FM2+ platform or Intel. Not that it really matters since ver 2.0 is not really a bottleneck except maybe on the best GPU's running in dual mode at X8 X8 speeds.
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