Computer Won't Boot After Upgrading CPU

I recently bought a Q9400 processor upgrading from an e5300.
I simply took my old processor out then installed the Q9400 (I'm pretty sure I installed it correclty). And by the way, I'm using my E5300's heat sink and yes, I applied thermal paste on it after cleaning the old one.
The problem is after I installed it, my PC won't boot :(, no display.
I already cleared the BIOS but no luck.
I re-inserted my E5300 and the computer booted normally :heink:.
I did some research and found out that my motherboard supports Q9400
Based on this^, my motherboard's BIOS should be F6 which is out dated so I downloaded and installed the latest BIOS (F9). I already downloaded F6 but didn't installed it yet.
Please help:(. Sorry for bad english.

From : Intel Dual Core E5300 @2.60GHz
To: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 @2.66GHz
4GB (2x2) RAM
Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L
Antec VP550P
Sapphire 7790

Your reply is mostly appriciated. :D
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  1. Try to upgrade the BIOS first, then we'll look further.
  2. Best answer
    The Q9300 was released 6 months after the E5300, so it could be a simple bios flash solution.

    If you have already got the latest Bios installed then you need to confirm if the CPU is faulty/dead.
  3. It's working now. I figured out that I should not load the optimized default for E5300.
    The problem now is the temps hitting 80-102°c! (Real Temp)
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