I recently used Darik's Boot and Nuke on my laptop and am missing a bunch of drivers.

I recently used Darik's Boot and Nuke on my laptop, and then re-downloaded windows-7 64-bit. i am missing a bunch of drivers. Is there any way to get them back? It is missing the Ethernet controller, Network controller, PCI Device, PCI simple communication controller, SM Bus controller, and an Unknown device.

sorry, but i did not know where to post this question.
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  1. Go to your laptop manufacuturer's website, look up your specific laptop model, and find the downloads page, it should have the drivers for all those devices. Most of those devices will be covered under the chipset driver package, with the network adapter possibly having a separate install file. Since you don't have a network driver, you probably can't get internet access on that laptop, so you'll probably have to throw the driver install files onto a USB stick or something.
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