D101GGC mobo best gpu & cpu

I am upgrading an older computer to play around with and for friends when they come over they can use it instead of bring there computer form there house. I would like to get the best graphic card & processor for gaming.

GPU - 9500GT DDR3 / gtx 550 / ? Not sure if this is the best card. The most recent information I have read about the card was a thread from two years ago or so.
D101GGC mobo - Link
Pentium D950 processor or Pentium 4 661? Link
psu - will upgrade if necessary / not sure what the current psu wattage is. The label is on the inside of the case.
RAM - 2GB / I believe this is the max RAM it supports.
WIndows xp currently - Have Windows 7 and 8. Which would be a better choice?

Budget wise I really don't have a limit.

Thank you,
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  1. Between the two the gtx 550 ti is the much better card. By no means is it the best card. The best card for gaming is the GTX 780 Ti. If you truly have no budget, I would not bother with your current components and I would recommend a build like this:
    or like this:
    But if you meant something else then please clarify. Your processor and mobo will limit your ability to enjoy "the best card" and may be even too weak to capitalize really on even the 550 let alone a 780 ti. I don't mean to be suggesting something way outside your intended limits but I am truthfully answering your question as I understand it. Hope this helps!


    Justin S.
  2. Thank you for the fast response jnewegger23,

    I didn't want to spend that much since it will not be used that often. It seems like it will be better just to sell it and build a new one from scratch for around $500. Then I can at least have the ability to upgrade to better components later down the line if I want to. Was just seeing if it was going to be worth saving my first build lol. I guess I will start looking for a good $500 build.

    Thanks again
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    Now that I know your budget you may want to consider starting with something like this:
    It's not the "best" but you can see the "best" is quite expensive. It's a very good system. However, for upgradability if you can afford a few hundred more then this would be better:
    The logic being you can upgrade to in i5-4670k or even i7-3770k with this setup and buy "the best" video card in the next few years without replacing anything else.
    Out of the gate the amd is the stronger setup but if you plan on upgrading parts here and there as you go the intel build is the better long term answer as the higher end cpus you can upgrade to outperform the higher grade amd versions. With the intel 1155 socket mobo you will have access to such upgrades. Hope this helps more then!
  4. I like the intel build. I can easily make it work. I was looking it over and I already have windows 7, case, HHD, and disc drive. So that will save a little money right there. I have read a lot about the 1155 socket and it seems like it is the way to go for mobo right now. You have so many options to choose from. Start with a budget build then turn it into a high end gaming computer down the road. I can build the intel build with the i7-3770k instead from the saving of the stuff I already have.

    Thank you. This will make make my life easier when we have lan parties I dont have to setup a table everytime only one person comes over.
  5. Glad I could help! I have the 3770k and it rocks! Have fun!
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