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I was playing games when my internet went out now it shows local only, i am connected directly to the modem with an ethernet cable. I called my ISP and whenever they reset the modem my internet symbol would flicker in the taskbar but I still could not connect to the Internet and when I reboot my laptop it would go back to local,I've tried system restore exchanging ethernet ports and cables the weird thing is that both my computers that use the ethernet cables don't get connections while the wifi on my sisters laptop works please help me
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  1. You need to be talking to comcast, sounds like the modem is bad if neither of your devices work hard wired. Their first level tech support is the worst I have ever dealt with. You may need to demand they send out a local tech, its the only way I have ever got anything accomplished with them. The last guy who came out to fix my modem was here for 5 HOURS, on the phone the whole time with them himself to resolve my connection issues. But they evetually did and its worked flawlessly since. And the problem was something on their end.
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