I am planning to upgrade my pc to a gaming pc with a budget of Rs 10,000($200)what would be the ideal requirements?

My pc specs are:
intel core i5 3450 @3.1Ghz
4 gb ddr3 ram
zotac gt 610 2gb graphics
intel DB75EN mb
250w psu:??:
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    you wouldn't able to upgrade much with that budget Dost :D
    Yet here are some options if you can put little more onto that budget(You can sell your gpu and psu and make money out of them to buy new instead)
    Below are 3 gpus(according to their performance chart) and if you get the better performance one cheaper than other, go for it.
    7850 > 650ti > 7770.
    If you can't afford the 7850 2GB model, get the 650ti.
    Next is your psu. You need at least 450watts.
    You can get Corsair VS450 instead if any cheap psu.
    I don't want to recommend you to buy from online, as you know how high their prices are on indian online websites. So, find a retailer and you can get much cheaper than from online. Good luck :)
  2. You should probably sell the i5 processor and get an i3. That way u can make budget for a decent GPU and PSU and you will have a balanced gaming PC
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