IC Diamond Thermal Compound?

Is the IC Diamond Thermal Compound worth it? I'm looking at a 17.3" gaming laptop rig with a 4700MQ processor, Nvidia 780M card, 240 SSD/1TB 7200RPM drives, etc. Is the thermal compound worth it? I have read that it is easier to apply manually after purchase, however I'm not super comfortable opening up a $2000 machine... Worth the $15 for IC Diamond Thermal? Thanks for the help guys!

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    I would go for it especially if it is only going to cost an extra $15. Generally, I see it as a $25 - $35 option from places like XoticPC and Prostar to apply it to the GPU / CPU.

    From what I've read ICD is a very good thermal paste.

    Easy to apply is a relatively term since you need to spend time and have patience to take apart the laptop. It is relatively easy to incorrectly put back the laptop together which means you need to take it apart again and figure out where you went wrong.
  2. Thanks for your help!
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