is adsl modem router and router two different devices?

is wireless adsl modem combo router and wirelesss router two different devices?
is adsl modem router necessary for a adsl connection?cant we connect a adsl connection to a wirelss router?

i have a direct boradband connection to my pc directly.there is no this case i want to create a small hom/office wirelss this case what type device i will use?can i connect the internet connection directly to the INTERNET PORT OF A WIRELESS ROUTER AND CONFIGURE THE ROUTER BY PLUGGING A LAN CABLE TO ANY LAN PORT OF THE WIRELESS ROUTER.

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  1. The equipment your ISP provided is a MODEM otherwise you would have no Internet connection. You can connect a wireless router to that MODEM by using an ethernet cable to one of the ports on the router. You can then use any spare ports to cable to other PCs or simply set up a wireless network.

    Once one PC is wired to the router, you can use that PC to configure the router, including the crucial security settings and here's a link to our Sticky Post on setting it up or changing it:-

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  2. Please stop creating new threads - I've deleted two dupicates. One thread is enough and I'm sure you will get other answers.
  3. thanks saga but there is no modem in my end,there is a direct cable connection to my lapto and isp provided me only a single satic ip address..
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    I've never come cross such a system and we don't have them in the UK. Something has to sit in between the telephone line as it enters the house and the computer that reads the data from the Net. that something is a modulator/de-moduletor, known in short as a MODEM.

    Quick point on IP addresses. There are two types, an external which is automatically given to you by your ISP and internal addresses which you can assign manually to individual pieces of equipment if you wish.

    If your wish is to be able to change or otherwise mask your external IP address, advice at Tom's ends here.
  5. It's possible that there's an ethernet switch in the basement and ethernet up to the rooms - some ultra-dense apartments do that.

    Or he's on dial-up...
  6. There are blocks of flats in the uk that has fibre and ethernet up to the flats.

    You likely want a router not a adsl modem.
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