Asus P8H61-MX board & SSD problem


Until yesterday, my Asus board with a 256mb Crucial SSD was running well. The SSD is the boot disk with Windows 7 on it.

Yesterday I powered up and the PC showed the initial Asus message and then just rebooted. It rebooted several times and then froze. It did not get past the initial Asus message and would not respond to me pressing the del key.

I removed the SSD, put it in a USB caddy and checked it on another PC - it was working and all the files seemed to be intact on it.

Without the SSD connected, the motherboard was happier - I put in a spare hard disk with Windows 7 on it, using the same connector the SSD was using, and the PC booted happily.

I tried reconnecting the SSD to each of the other connectors and got the same problem as described above.

The BIOS was not set to use ACHI for SATA drives - I changed it to ACHI but it made no difference...

I can't figure out of the problem is the motherboard, the SSD or a combination of both...

Any advice would be appreciated

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  1. H61 still have error, even rev B3 or newers,
    i have the same problem, with sata connected and use onboard vga then i got BSOD.
    reconnect SATA using IDE HDD it's normally
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