Best Fan Control Software?

Title says it all :)
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  1. Which board do you have?
    All major mobo manufactures have their own fan control softwares
    Asus has Fan Xpert, Gigabyte has EasyTune, MSI has Core Center...etc

    Other than that you can check out Speedfan
  2. I have asus rampage iv black edition however the fanxpert software is pretty limited, I can't cotrol the speed of optional fans in fanxpert in any way.. I'm looking for a software that'll give me full capabilities of my fans.

    Also, fanxpert uses the spu slot temperature (not the core temperatures) therefore it's pretty limited in terms of defining the rpm curves.. My cpu cores are somewhere between 25-70 degrees whereas cpu slot only changes about 15 degrees at total.
  3. do they control depending on the temp?
  4. The NZXT Sentry-2 has an auto mode that would adjusted fan speed on temperature changes.
  5. I'm actually looking for a software solution
  6. Best answer
    For some reason I don't see any fans in my "speedfan"
  7. (Utisz) Yep, emperor has no clothes. Voted best answer. Speedfan is not good. Asus AI suite II did a better job. But all the other baggage.....
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