which graphic card should i buy to go with a i5 3570k a Nvidia 750ti or 760

My pc specs are
8gb ram
1tb hard drive
i5 3570k cpu
650 psu
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  1. cost? Performance? Power consumption?
  2. which one will work the best the 750ti or 760
  3. with my i5 cpu
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    Your i5 is extremely powerful compared to what most games need today. You could buy a $1000 GPU and it would still be a good match. So the only question is how much are you willing to spend. Save for a few CPU bound games (mostly strategy games), your system will be as powerful as your GPU.
  5. i will buy a 760 2gb over clocked
  6. haybale64 said:
    i will buy a 760 2gb over clocked

    Sounds good. If you are not in a hurry you might wait and see if any Maxwell news come up. The 750 ti has already been released, though the 760 is a much better choice for your system, as it is faster and your PSU is very strong. If higher end models of the Maxwell series will be announced soon, it might be worth the wait though. Since we don't know any details about the other releases you might just go and get the 760 now. It's really up to personal preference.
  7. those two gpu are in vastly different tiers. there wont be anything maxwell faster than the 760 until at the very least december.
  8. Well, if nikoli is right then just go with the 760. Enjoy!
  9. the 760, 770, and 780 are doing very well. there is no reason for nvidia to under cut itself anytime soon. the 760 is at least 50% faster than the 750ti. its unfair to compare the two.
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