Need help with new gaming PC

Hi guys looking for some help building a new gaming PC this is what i am thinking of going for

Computer Case NZXT Phantom Enthusiast - Black
CPU Intel i7 4770K - (4 x 3.5 GHZ) OVERCLOCKED UPTO 4.4 GHZ - Haswell
CPU Heatsink Corsair Hydro Series H80i (Advanced Liquid Cooling)
Memory 16 GB 1600MHz (2x8GB) - (DDR3) - Limited Time Low Price
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti - 3 GB - (PCI-E)
Motherboard Asus SABERTOOTH Z87 (Intel Z87)
Sound Card Motherboard Integrated HD Sound
Networking Motherboard Integrated Ethernet Lan (Broadband Ready)
Power Supply Corsair HX 650W Professional PSU - Low Noise
CPU Compound Standard CPU Compound Supplied With Heatsink
Case Fans 3 x Corsair Air Series Ultra Quiet Edition 120mm
Hard Drive #1 120GB Kingston SSD SATA-III, Read 450MB/s, Write 450MB/s - Silent
Optical Drive #1 Samsung 24x DVD/CD Re-Writer/Reader - Black - (SATA)
DVD Playback Software FREE - CyberLink PowerDVD 10
DVD/CD Burning Software FREE - Nero V12 - NEW

Would appreciate any advice on how to make this better and what would work better with certain components

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  1. its a very.....good build i mean i dont know why you want help with it but why do you have just an 120gb ssd?
  2. Im realy just checking ive got a good build im not experienced in picking the best components that work together
    (im only taking the 120gb because im going to convert my old PC into as storage unit of some sort) thanks for the info mate
  3. in that case its very good and sabertooth motherboards are very good and z87 is good with the k series for overclocking also good picking a gtx 780 ti you will ran any game maxed out 1080p or higher good luck. ;)
  4. thanks for the confirmation i was slightly worried about the RAM not being good enough would you advise any higher or should that be ok?
  5. 1600mhz is enough also 16gb is super good if you want to run alot of applications if the ram was 1333MHz i wouldn't recommend it. any more questions?
  6. thats all the info i need thanks short of any recommendations for components that may work better than the ones i have selected?
  7. its all good but i woud go abit higher on the psu
  8. Corsair RM 1000W (Modular) PSU - Low Noise/Silent is the next one up on the site i have been going off would you recommend this one?
  9. totally now we are talking. what are you sitting on a bank or something you can sli with that x3 or x2 and definetly it will power the system without breaking a sweat.
  10. haha been saving up for a while trying to make sure i get a really good system :)
  11. Best answer
    well i think im proud of you and you're system and i wish you the best of luck with it ;)
  12. thanks mate :)
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