Need free data recovery tools (no trial version)

Hey, everybody! I accidentally formatted my 160 GB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and DESPERATELY need some data recovery tools to get my data back. Does anybody know of ANY free data recovery program that is FREE WITHOUT A TRIAL VERSION? I REALLY need this data back and I cannot afford to re-download and re-install all programs and music. Thanks!
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  1. Ouch! - you should have backed all your data up to another drive, it's so incredibly easy (and relative cheap) to do these days that I just cannot understand why many PC users just don't seem to care or can't be bothered.

    Free file recovery here:
  2. Okay. I finally decided to start from scratch. And Philip Booth, that IS correct for most data recovery programs, but that is just your opinion. No offense.
  3. Try Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home Edition. i accidentally delete my partition before, and i use it to recover that lost partition. Might work to you aswell. it's free to use.
  4. so did you get back your data?
  5. I recovered some of my music and compressed files. Most of the programs I tried were just free versions and had a limit (e. g. 1.00 GB) AND/OR had to be paid for to recover data. So, yes.
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