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Dunno how to describe this that well, but i'll try. So y-day when i've update to the newest nvidia driver it happened that in every game the AA is kinda messed up, it's less "liniar" than before, when i had the previous version of nvidia driver. So my question is: It's cuz of my GPU (but i doubt, cuz it doesnt even have 1 year, a GTX 660 ti) or it's cuz of the new update?
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  1. Try rolling back to your old drivers and see if it fixes it since it happened with the new.
  2. Says it's not compatible now. And i got Win7 64-bit, and on the site it says that nvidia 332.21 supports this windows...this is strange.
  3. Delete current drivers, then download and install the older ones. Is that what you are trying?
  4. Well, i have tried to roll back to the previous version, worked good, but same thing, same less "liniar" textures. I really dont know from what this could be caused, especially when i look at an object from the distance.
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    Maybe the monitor has issues.
  6. Maybe, sometimes some lines appears on the screen, but not that visible and nothing disturbing. Still, this AA linear problem is only at distance, dunno if this is normal, but when i aproach, it's more linear. Well, soon i'll reinstall windows for another fresh start and will ask a specialist about my monitor possible issue. Thx for the help.
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