I am looking for a new graphics card.

My current graphics card: GeForce 8400 GS is broken so I decided that I will replace it

I don't know a lot about computers so i need some help. I know that not any graphics card would fit in to my computer. I looked in to motherboard and power supply I didn't understand all the requirements, so I decided to ask you guys here.

My motherboard: INTEL DP35DP SPEC

My power supply : LC420H PICTURE

Can you recomend me any graphics card (price doesn't matter) that is better than my curent one and it would fit in to my computer.

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    With that PSU, id get an AMD Radeon HD 7750, as the graphics card is great and can play most games on high settings, such as Skyrim. The wattage is only 50 watts. (PowerColor model looks very nice.) Since its only 50 watts of power, you don't even need a extra power cable, just plug it in get the drivers and play!
  2. Thank you for the quick reply

    Btw I was searching and I found many different types that have the name AMD Radeon HD 7750

    Is this the right one: Amazon?

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge but i realy have to be shure that I get the right one :D
  3. Yup that would be the graphics card! We all had little knowledge at one point. :P
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