External Harddisk isn't recognised after RAID0-ing my SSDs.

I'm using an MSI GS70 laptop. I installed WIN 7 awhile back and in the process I unRAIDed my SSDs. After ReRAID-ing them back and reinstalling WIN 7, the system worked fine, except when I tried to use my external hard drive, which is a WD 1TB Passport.

I doubt its hardware issue with the drive because it works on my desktop and my friends desktop which has no drivers relating to Western Digital, where as on my laptop it wouldn't be recognised. When I connect it, it does not appear in my computer but it appears in "Device Manager" as "Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller" in the Other Device tab. When I try updating the driver, it states that "Windows could not find driver for your device".
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  2. popatim said:

    Well this made it work. Thank you. I didn't thought that you have to install a driver since using a USB 2.0 on it works.
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