my Radeon HD 7770 works great, it's just vary slow when i try to play World Of Warcraft like 3 0r 4 fps. The games system das

Radeon HD 7770 vary slow on World Of Warcraft, 4 or 5 fps ? How do I speed up on Ubuntu 13.10
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  1. just a quick solution if you have not make sure the graphic driver is up to date
  2. Try playing it on windows based operating system. Ubutu is going to utilize opengl instead of direct x. I had slower card than that I used to get acceptable frame rates.
  3. I tried playing wow on Ubuntu 13.10 and I had the same issue. Best bet is to get a windows OS or spend a lot of time googling and trying to find some solution.
  4. Get a windows based OS and hopefully this will resolve your problem.
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    Is it enabled in your bios? It happens... it will see your integrated GPU from the CPU as primary GPU and just disable the actual GPU until you enable it in the bios.
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